Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When your Supreme Court Justices are corrupt, where do you turn for relief?

This is a question that Michigan voters have to ask themselves now after they elected Democrat-endorsed Diane Hathaway to the Michigan Supreme Court only to see her come under FBI scrutiny for possible mortgage fraud.

EXCLUSIVE: State Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway under FBI investigation

At a time when people are losing their primary homes to foreclosures all across this country, Hathaway and her husband, owners of multiple ritzy homes in both Michigan and Florida, allegedly shed $600,000 worth of debt on a $1.5 million dollar house that they owned by unloading it at a short sale after transferring other homes that they owned to relatives then claiming that they had no other assets and were "distressed". Once the sale when through, the other homes were transferred right back to them, all without any cash changing hands. And a month after the short sale, one of Hathaway's stepdaughters bought yet another house for $195,000 cash and deeded it over to Hathaway, again with no money changing hands and no indication of where the stepdaughter got this money. The FBI is now investigating, Grand Jury subpoenas have been issued, and it looks like a Supreme Court Justice might well find herself impeached and hopefully disbarred before this is over. If it happens, she'll have only herself to blame, but the voters can blame the Democrat Party for endorsing and backing her relentlessly in 2008. Not surprisingly, she rode in on Barack Obama's coattails. What do they say about birds of a feather?

An accused Justice with any integrity would step down and refuse to preside over other people's legal matters until this is cleared up, but we're talking a Democrat here, so integrity likely won't come into play.

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  1. You know, there have always been corrupt politicians. And (R) have had their own problems with them. But it seems like there's just a constant flood of (D).