Friday, November 23, 2012

A nice, relaxing day.

No Black Friday for us.

Murphy and I ate more turkey, then I primed pistol brass while watching Ride Clear of Diablo (1954) with Audie Murphy. It also starred western character actors Dan Duryea, ack Elam, Denver Pyle, and Russell Johnson, best known for his later role as "the professor" on Gilligan's Island. You remember him, right? He was the guy who could make radios out of coconuts and who could build pretty much anything out of bamboo and vines, except a boat, of course. Back in the day, he played lots of parts in westerns, including a role in Law and Order (1953) where he shot Ronald Reagan. (Hmmmm...the actual last name of the Professor on Gilligan's Island was Hinkley. Eerie coincidence, eh?) But in this flick, Audie Murphy shot him down in a gunfight in a mine. (Ever fire a gun in a mine tunnel? I have. Once. My ears are still ringing.) The movie also features Susan Cabot, who played opposite Murphy in many of his movies, mainly because she was one of the few actresses in Hollywood at the time who was shorter than he was and didn't tower over him.

Anyway, I got four hundred .40 S&W cases primed and ready for the powder measure now, and I've always believed that ammo prepared in the presence of old western greats like Murphy, Wayne, Eastwood and Stewart shoots better and straighter so this should be good stuff.

Now I'm going to go out to the airport and mess with the plane a bit, then maybe go see that new James Bond movie and try to convince myself that Daniel Craig really didn't wreck the whole Bond franchise.

I might also stop by Wal-Mart and see if any of those union flunkies are protesting in front of it, just so I can cross their little picket line and buy something. It's pathetic to think that most of them aren't even Wal-Mart employees but merely shills and paid slugs holding up signs on behalf of unions that want to force their way into Wal-Mart. I'll support any business that keeps unions out just on principle, especially a business that by necessity only hires people to do unskilled drone labor that was never supposed to be career employment in the first place. Big-box store labor jobs are pretty much by definition intended to provide part-time work for people who either want a second income or who are just starting out in the working world. If the people who do work there want more money, they are free to go to school and better themselves or establish themselves there as a good employee and then move on, using Wal-Mart as a positive reference. So to have some fat SEIU toad telling me that I need to pay more for everything at Wal-Mart so that the people who stock shelves, mop floors or stand in front of a cash register can make more money (most of which the union will skim off as "dues") is offensive to me, especially as the union will turn around and use much of that money to buy influence with the Democrats, the political party working to destroy the American way of life as most of us knew it.

Anyway, gotta go. Back later. Have a good "Day after Thanksgiving". And if you're bored, click on the link above and watch the movie.


  1. The professor was perfectly capable of fixing the boat. He was, after all, possessing an intelligence capable of putting together a 90" LED flatscreen and a jailbroken satellite receiver using three coconuts, Gilligan's hat, and some dental floss. The boat would have been a snap. He was smart enough, however, to realize that, were he to fix the boat, he would have to pay for the aforementioned satellite service back in the real world. That....and he was stuck on an island with Mary Ann. And that, gentlemen, is what true genius looks like.

  2. In my humble opinion, Daniel Craig is the best Bond I have ever watched.

    More of a Jason Bourne style.

    I never cared for the bimbo-Bonds and stupid gadget scenes nor ridiculous escapes from badguy's weird ways to kill Bond that never work.

    But then I am a Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy type of guy anyway and not Austin Powers.

    And I have come in from the cold.

  3. Good day, and you made progress :-) I'm just kicking back with friends, not doing a damn thing today :-)

  4. Hope you enjoy the Bond movie. Keep your eyes peeled. When I saw it, I'm pretty sure the bond family "gamekeeper" called a shotgun a rifle, but who knows, maybe it was one of those really nice double rifles. Could have sworn I saw shotgun shells in the target practice scene though.

  5. Black Friday indeed. I would have none of it. Tomorrow, back to the range.

  6. But if we don't have Unions at Walmart.. who is going to protect the workers from the dangerous, coalmine-like working conditions? Its not like the employees have a choice whether or not to work there.

    Honestly.. when is the last time you were in Walmart and saw someone working there actually "do something" besides put stuff on the shelves or operate the cash register? I shop there weekly and the most contact I have with anyone is the old dude who says Hi to me when I walk in the door.

    I do like the fact that Walmart stock went UP yesterday, in spite of the Union PR push painting it as an evil corporation :)

    I avoided Black Friday yesterday and put up Christmas lights.