Monday, November 26, 2012

Media conspires to advocate for illegals in Sandy's aftermath

This story that hit the news via the Associated Press went nationwide yesterday.

Immigrants struggle to cope in Sandy's aftermath

A Google search on the opening sentence of the story shows that it's been reported and re-printed all across the country. Apparently now that Obama has forged a new partnership with illegal aliens and their supporters as part of his bid to retain power, the word is out to Obama's pet media to bomb us with "human interest" stories about how bad they have it here now. In this story, we're supposed to lament the plight of illegals in New York and New Jersey who are afraid to ask for relief supplies after the storm since they fear being deported back to their home countries.
"If you are here illegally and you are at your home and see the National Guard and people in military uniform, going up and down, sure, you are going to be afraid," said Gonzalo Mercado, executive director of El Centro del Inmigrante, a nonprofit that helps day laborers and their families in Staten Island.
They are supposed to be afraid, dammit. And they are supposed to be gone. I can't believe how far we've come from "Operation Wetback" of 1954 when President Eisenhower ordered our immigration officers and police to round up Mexicans who were illegally in our country and toss them out. But now, according to the AP, we're supposed to feel sorry for the illegals instead of sending them home. Yeah, I'm sure that all of the Americans in New York who lost their real homes and have no place to return to really sympathize or object to sharing scarce resources with people who aren't supposed to be here in the first place.

But as usual, the Mexican government is sending it's representatives into our country specifically to bring aid money to Mexicans in need. (Gringos need not apply, of course.) So the Mexican government is giving them money to help them stay here, and also educating them on how to take advantage of our own relief programs.
Officials from the Mexican government have visited shelters in New York and New Jersey looking for immigrants to help, informing them on how to obtain food stamps, financial assistance from FEMA or the Mexican government.

More than 735 people have signed up to receive economic help from the government of President Felipe Calderon, but there is only $180,000 so far to distribute, said the Mexican consul in New York, Carlos Sada. As of this week, 66 checks had been written to victims of the hurricane, totaling $110,000.
The message here: We're not supposed to discriminate against the Mexicans here when it comes to doling our relief, but it's fine for the Mexican government to come in here and discriminate in favor of them.

And no surprise, but just like after Katrina, unscrupulous employers are already offering rebuilding jobs at decent wages to illegals while unemployed Americans look for work.
Mexican day laborer Eberto Silva didn't have to look far for such a job - his landlord hired him at $14 an hour to do cleaning and demolition work at an apartment complex in Coney Island.

"There is going to be more work for immigrants like me now," he said. "We may see that in the next few weeks."
And the groups that help and support illegals? Well they're almost Chris Matthews-like in their praise for the storm as an opportunity for their own people.
Groups that are part of the National Day Labor Organizing Network have also brought day laborers to do volunteer cleanup activities on weekends. El Centro del Inmigrante is trying to become a hiring center for day laborers, making sure that they work in safe and secure conditions.

"A center like that is urgently needed," Mercado said. "We feel that now, after Sandy, this is the right moment to do it."
And don't think for a minute that those illegal alien hiring centers will be going away after the storm damage has been cleaned up. They'll become permanent operations where illegals will be taught to apply for US benefits and hooked up with under-the-table jobs that make it that much harder for legitimate American workers to find employment. But in this post-Obama America, it's all good so long as the illegals agitate for and give money to the Democrats.

This stuff's gotta stop. We need another real President willing to put America and American interests first and we need another, much larger Operation Wetback. The presidential candidate who promises that will have my vote and full support.


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