Friday, December 14, 2012

Monsters are real

And we saw one emerge today in Connecticut. I cannot fathom the thought processes that allowed this sick bastard to do what he did to his own mother and all of those innnocent children and adults. And I'm angry that he's dead, taking the coward's way out and never having to answer for what he did, or explain as he faced the families of his victims. He got off way too easy, at least in this life here on Earth.

And despite what the liberals are now saying, this is not an argument against alllowing people to own guns. No, this is why I and others like me carry guns and train with them--to stop monsters like this if we can. And that's why I carry and encourage others to do so as well. I will not go easily for an attacker like that, nor will I stand by while one slaughters others around me. I will act, and I will ensure that the tool that I need to act is always at hand no matter where I am.

Not realistic, you say? I would ask: if not us, then who? Remember that when seconds count, the police are just a few minutes away.


  1. I'm for nutjob control.

    Those declared insane should be in a mental institution till they are deemed cured.

    In the '50s institutions did go to far with lobotomies, shock therapies, and the like so the courts went way to far and let people who were insane end up under bridges, parks, dumps, etc... the 'homeless'. We didn't have that problem 40 years ago. Releasing all the insane did that.

    And note shootings at schools and malls didn't pick up until AFTER they released them all.

    No, I'm for nutjob control, not gun control, cause 99.99 percent of the people are not INSANE!

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Well said.

  3. And the vultures, the sickening vultures descended before those babies were even cold, unable to put their agendas aside long enough to let the bodies be removed from the killing floor. And the the same ones who scream for gun control are the same ones who support the culture that walked onto that school today holding that monster's hand. Take the log out of your own eye before you point to the splinter in mine!

  4. I dunno..I kinda like Ace's thinking on this....these shitbirds are actively SEEKING the "EVIL MONSTER" identity, when in reality they are pathetic little baby-dicked let's not give them what they seek. I'd rather read a headline that says "Pathetic loser kills a bunch of babies because they were better hung than him!"

  5. Lots of my co-workers were calling for more gun control yesterday. And while I agree background checks would be a good idea, apparently this guy's Mom bought the guns so, even if those were in place that wouldn't have prevented this horror.

    Given the shooters age, it is possible he is just started having symptoms of schizophrenia. And, speaking from experience, that family likely did not get any help. Further, even if they did seek treatment, the kid was an "adult" under the law and the parents could not force medication. All they could have done was insisted on some sort of commitment, and that would likely have to be via an admin. hearing, where one has to testify against their own child and make a case their child is an imminent danger to himself or them. Even after going through that, because of state budgets and attitudes about the mentally, ill, my experience has been that "treatment" is for 3 business days. Then back to the family . . . .

    I don't know what the answer is, certainly. But, letting anyone, anytime, have access to guns, doesn't seem to be the answer either.

    Neither do I like the "protections" and all that bureaucracy that goes along with that (e.g. "badge police" in the office).

    I think if I had a young child now, I'd home school in some remote location out west. But even there, it isn't possible to protect your child from everything, not even a horrible disease that can ruin his life and so many others.

  6. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Stop these Stupid No Gun Zones.
    Train teachers and principals to use a gun and let them be armed.

  7. Well said... dammit...

  8. Katherine, the mother has known for YEARS this kid had problems. Problems severe enough that at least five years ago, she was warning babysitters (for a teenager) not to turn their back on him, even long enough to go to the bathroom.

    People all over town knew the kid had serious problems.

    He's autistic, but more important, displayed SEVERE inability to bond with other humans, probably exacerbated by (but not necessarily caused by) his autism.

    In a case like that, you do not keep guns around where the kid can access them, even through force. Just like, if you had a household member with uncontrolled substance abuse issues, you wouldn't keep pain meds and booze on the counter.

    Locking up the guns with a KEY is not security against a 20 year old, if you fear he could turn violent or self-destructive. As shown here. . . all he has to do is get the key.