Thursday, December 13, 2012

Morning...and he's at it again.

It's zero-dark-thirty, and suddenly Murphy's re-occurring ear infection is back after weeks of no trouble. So I'm awakened by a moaning, crying, scratching, ear-rubbing dog who just wants his ear medicine. And guess what one thing in the whole Lair I forgot to pack?

I even set it out as I was putting his bag together, yet inexplicably, I neglected to put it in the bag.

Yep. worst dog owner ever. That's me.

So now all I can do it talk to him and massage his ear gently, and wait for a local vet to open up nearby, hopefully one thhat will accept a faxed prescription from our vet and just let me buy the medicine without shelling out for an office visit and examination.

Poor guy. I'm just killing him by degrees on this trip. But I know that it would have killed him more to have left him behind. And he'd have never let the Lair sitter mess with his ears, medicine or no.

We'll fix this, pal. I promise. Now will you please let me go back to sleep for just a bit?


  1. Oil of clove will help to reduce Murphy’s discomfort level if this ever happens again. An old timey remedy to ear infections was a few drops of the affected individual’s urine…blech…

  2. Poor Murph ... but don't feel too bad. He loves you anyway. :)

  3. Poor Murphy...

    I had a dog that used to get yeast infections in his ears. He was a beautiful blue heeler.

    I used to have to take him to the vet and get him bathed and his ears cleaned out (he wouldn't let me mess with his ears at all) about once a month or so to prevent an infection.

    Hope he feels better soon.

  4. If you drove up and down any hills on the trip and Murphy's ear was starting to bug him then, the discomfort caused by the pressure changes would also explain the EEEEEEeeeeee.....

    Hope the medicine works and Murphy is back to his "normal" self soon.

  5. Oh man, that is the black hole of suckitude. Don't feel bad ML, we're just getting to that age. I keep telling Lu that forgetfulness is a sign of virility but she's not buying it.

  6. Hope he feels better soon - and if he was coming down with this yesterday, hope the medicine cures the complaints on the car ride back.

    (Is there such a thing as doggy valium, though?)

  7. How's he doing? And, how are YOU?

  8. Sorry to hear that... Ear infections suck for animals...

  9. I hope Murphy is better soon.