Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Gentleman's Club etiquette question.

It's 1 AM, and I was just wondering...

If you order a lap dance in a strip club and the stripper falls off your table and off the balcony that you were seated on and she dies, do you still have to pay for that lap dance? Who gets the money since I think that you were supposed to pay her? Do they at least pro-rate it since if got cut short?

Oh yeah, like none of you ever ponder crazy stuff at 1 AM...right.


  1. Refuse to pay, otherwise you would be demonstrating it is "work for hire" and encumbering yourself with liability. You did get a signed waiver of liability first, right? And supply safety gear? Safety briefing? iPod video to prove "hands off"?

  2. LOL, okay you've gone off the deep end... And no don't pay... you ONLY pay for services receieved!

  3. If you order food at a restaurant, and the waitress (or waiter) serves you late, doesn't refill your water, and neglects to come to take your order for dessert, would you tip her (or him)? Think of it in similar terms.

    And, to latch onto Ed Skinner's thread, just who was her employer? Was it you? Was it the Club? Methinks it was the latter, and what you choose to pay for the lap dance (if anything at all) is a gratuity [See: 303 West 42nd St. Enterprises, Inc. v. United States, 916 F. Supp. 349 (S.D.N.Y. 1996)].

    And be assured that you are not alone in your ponderings during sleepless nights. I myself have wondered about matters such as whether the parents of the teenager who gets killed by the Long Island Railroad train while spraypainting grafitti on the LIRR right of way [] are liable to the LIRR for the costs of cleaning up the blood from the train under New York General Obligations Law, Section 3-112 [].

  4. I've had similar thoughts about traffic tickets.

  5. It was the "She's an organ doner" part that threw me. I couldn't decide if it was just a bad idea to have stripper parts in your body or if they meant she took something extra with her when she fell.

    I know. I'm a bad man.

  6. Refuse to pay. Find a better strip club to frequent.

    I need to tell you some stories, but my Father reads your Blog!