Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brits dump the Browning Hi-Power

Well the British finally went and did it, cashiering their faithful old Browning Hi-Powers after fifty years or so of loyal service.

The new pistol: Glock's Model 17.

Browning gets the bullet! Army replaces trusty pistol with Glock handgun after 50 years

End of an era, indeed. Suddenly I feel so...not young!

Seriously, the Glock is a decent choice (even though Glocks, being plastic, have no souls) but I'm still not giving this one up though.


  1. Oh, I love the Browning Hi-Power! One of my favorites.

  2. @ Keads: That's because you are a man of distinction, Sir.

  3. There is nothing wrong whatsoever with a Browning Hi-Power.

  4. Wonder if that means inexpensive Brownings will soon be available for purchase?

  5. Anonymous12:28 AM

    The SAS replaced their cocked-and-unlocked BHPs with Sigs a few years back.
    Who knows why?

    I miss my Belgian BHP!

    +1 on plastic guns have no soul!

  6. I like the old Hi-Powers in fact I keep one in my truck. Just be careful of speaking anything even remotely sarcastic of the Glock or else the 'Glock Police' will put you on their hit list.

  7. I'm with Bob. Any chance we'll see these things? I'd love to add a Hi-Power to the armory.

  8. Knowing the British these days, odds are slim that they'll re-sell them. But if they do, count me in for another one, too. They are so cool.

  9. The British Forces have been using
    Sig's for a number of years, friends in both the SBS & SAS use what ever
    they want or have to hand depented on
    where and what they will be doing much the same with HKs as well just
    as long as they are 9mm.

  10. But if you read the British press release it is kind of hilarious. Apparently they know next to nothing about guns.

    Even the military commentator seemed to not know so much about either the P-35 OR Glock.

  11. Paul but the British press know nothing about guns anyway most of the
    press are like your media left wing bleeding heart libs "oh guns nasty things" you know what i mean. I have used guns most of my life i first fired a shot gun aged 8yrs old and im
    now 64 and still shoot regualy,was a keen pistol shooter up until the ban
    now rifles and BP rifles and pistols.