Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's like Christmas in January

So I'm rooting around in my gun room closet last night, taking a detailed inventory and performing basic rust-prevention maintenance on metal stuff with a Rig rag, when I spy a pile of ammo cans way back in the corner. I read the label on the first one, a .50 cal. can. It says: "5.56mm, 62gr., 1000rds." Curious, I pop the top, and sure enough, it holds a thousand rounds SS109 ammo, still in it's factory boxes. I remember buying this many years ago, back when it was ten cents a round and I'd thought the price kinda steep. So this is where it was? Wow!

I grabbed another can. This one held 500 rounds of .303 ammo, all on strippers and in bandoleers. Looks like 300 rounds of Greek HXP, the nice reloadable stuff, and 200 rounds of South African. Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!

The third can was 600 rounds of 8mm ammo, all reloads that I'd done about a decade ago, but still nice and shiny. Darn it, I'd just bought a bunch of 8mm from AIM Surplus before things went crazy because I had no fodder for my 8mm Mausers. Now I'm awash in the stuff, but somehow it's not a problem that I mind having.

This is kinda like putting on a freshly-laundered pair of pants and finding twenty bucks in the pocket, only way cooler! Shame on me for losing track of this stuff initially, but considering the state that we're in now, I'm kinda glad that I did.

Next time I get a couple of days off, I'm taking a good flashlight and some provisions and really exploring that closet. For all I know, Jimmy Hoffa's back in there somewhere running a reloading press while Elvis boxes the stuff up.


  1. That was like me finding 10 PMAGs in a corner of the safe when I cleaned it out last weekend. Christmas in January, indeed!

  2. I think all that 5.56mm. is bad for you. As your (self-appointed) spiritual advisor, I counsel that you allow me to dispose of it for you, to prevent an outbreak of hubris, deafness and anything else I can think of!


  3. Heh... No telling WHAT is liable to be back in there... I'd take spelunking gear just in case...

  4. Lemme know if D.B. Cooper is in there, too...he owes me $200 for a new parachute.