Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Maryland men arrested for selling hi-capacity magazines

And so it begins.

2 accused of selling illegal gun magazines

Undercover detectives sent to gun shows to monitor magazine sales? Apparently the marching orders have come down from Maryland's anti-gun, anti-freedom Governor (and future presidential hopeful) Martin O'Malley. Welcome to Amerika, Democrat-style.

That drumbeat you hear? The one that's getting louder? That's the same sound that the redcoats were hearing in April of 1775 as they marched on Lexington and Concord.

UPDATE: The spin machine is in high gear. This little misdemeanor case has now made it into the Baltimore news and the defendants' mugshot pictures are on the headline page of the CBS news feed. Since when does this sort of penney-ante case warrant such headlines? You'd almost think that the Democrats and the media were conspiring or something.


  1. And the Gestapo agents are at the SHOT show, dropping off their cards and encouraging citizens to turn each other in.

  2. Couple of guys from Virginia wandered into socialist land and got snagged. Don't know the full story, but I don't really need to. Bureaucrats making felons out of decent citizens. I dread the day when someone snaps and it triggers a domino effect across the nation.

  3. Push-back has started, but it's only the first rumblings of a much larger discontent.

    I pray every day that it doesn't come to a shooting war, but it seems TPTB are more interested in starting one than we are in avoiding it.

  4. @ Dick: The two sellers were from Maryland and should have known better, but what I find disturbing is that police detectives were sent to this little show for this AND that it was given to the media. Neither of these things would have happened a month ago but now it's apparently time to demonize us all and the more public, the better.

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Himmler would be proud

  6. Yep, this smells like a set up... And it's about to hit the fan...

  7. So I'm wearing a NRA Instructor logoed shirt this weekend. I'm wondering if I am going to be a target too. If there is a game out there to shoot the NRA leaders now, well, I wonder about all the people wanting to ban guns and yet write code to facilitate such games.