Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Because nothing stops attackers like an old woman with an empty shotgun

As usual, Joe Biden, the White House's designated gaffer, opens his mouth and stupid stuff comes out.

This time, he's telling us all about his own stellar home-defense plan.

"If there's ever a problem," Biden said he told his wife Jill, "just walk out on the balcony here--walk out, put that double barrel shot gun and fire two blasts outside the house--I promise you whoever is coming in ... You don't need an AR-15..."

Because yeah...nothing says "I'm serious" like a now-empty double-barreled shotgun, and that's true even in those few areas where it's not illegal to just walk outside and discharge a firearm into the air.

At least in Jill Biden's case, all that noise and commotion should at least wake up their taxpayer-provided Secret Service contingent who will come around with--wait for it--assault rifles and shoot the bad guys.

Joe Biden: Proof that a large number of Americans just don't take voting seriously.

As for me and Murphy, since the Secret Service isn't coming if I call for help, We'll put our faith in something a bit more appropriate for home defense:


  1. "The Fail is strong with this one."

  2. The same Democrats who say women are either too stupid or feeble and can't handle an AR-15, are pressing for women in combat.

    Women in combat will be issued the fully automatic version of the AR-15....

    That no one in the MSM has called them on this tells you all you need to know about both Democrat and Media ignorance or deliberate obtuseness.

    An AR15 is better than a shotgun for home defense - less recoil, more rounds, and easier to use and maneuver. A 9 year-old girl can shoot an AR15 accurately enough for close-in self-defense with no issues, a 12-gauge not so much.

    Biden and McCarthy are ignorant idiots at best, but are more likely deliberate liars with a complicit media to back their agenda.

  3. Uh, yeah. Let me unload the shotgun BEFORE you get in. Great plan that shotgun Joe!

  4. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Good point

  5. Rabid beat me to it... sigh

  6. ML - you forgot to put your high capacity clips in those assault rifles! And where's the shoulder thing that goes up?

  7. Actually Buffoon Biden gave illegal advice. You cannot just walk outside and fire the gun into the air.

    But then what would Slow Joe really know about all this? He has had a cushie government job all his live and lived in fancy gated communities.