Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dinner date with the liberal lawyer

OK, that was actually not painful.

She's cute, idealistic, passionate about social justice, cute, supported Obama, and she's cute.

Guns never came up directly in the discussion tonight, but she did ask if I hunted and she noticeably brightened when I told her that I was not.

She clearly suspects that we're not going to agree on everything (she almost apologized to me for admitting that she supported Obama) and she didn't come across as judgmental.

And she's cute.

Verdict: I'm gonna see her again.



    Ok... now that that's over with...

    Good luck, buddy!

    look at it this way... by the time you're done, she might be a CONSERVATIVE lawyer!

  2. Nice that there was at least SOME positive... :-)

  3. Whew!!!! That's stressful; best wishes to you as you forge ahead.


    Read the blog (and the forum) buy the book, and LEAD her. Unless she's a lost cause, she will follow. Tango is correct.

  5. Good luck with her!

    A relationship will depend on how committed a leftist she really is. If she values her liberal ideology (and, more importantly, her liberal friends) more than any particular man, it won't work out. Studies have already shown that conservatives are more truly tolerant of ideological differences than liberals are when seeking a mate.

  6. Have some fun and give her a blood pressure spike! It's for her own personal growth.

    Take her to a soul food place on the fringes or in a bad neighborhood. Ask her why she's being so racist when she acts uncomfortable. Tell her she's totally safe, none of the felons in this neighborhood are allowed to have guns. Obama's going to take away the redneck's guns and she'll be even safer.

    Chances are that if she's a liberal lawyer, she's not bright enough to learn the lesson here, but if she does, you've done both of you a good turn. And if she is as dense as your typical liberal, at least you had some fun with it.

  7. Combining blogging and dating are like mixing alcohol and liquid oxygen. One tiny spark and all that's left will be loose parts. Just sayin ...

  8. I somewhat expected your first outing together would go well. Now do the following: take her flying,boating and running to see how well she likes the outdoors. See if she passes the Murphy test and how well she does with small bore rifles and handguns in fun shooting learner outings.

  9. Hey, enjoy the ride as long as it lasts, for however far it goes. You never know; you might be able to gently open her eyes a little to reality, and she might get you to smile more. Could be fun!

  10. @ Wing: I smile a lot. All I have to do is think of hippies on fire and I grin from ear to ear. ;-)

  11. She'll find this blog and your political leanings will no longer be in question.