Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh, man...what did I do now?

So a couple of days ago, a friend who shall remain nameless says to me: "Hey, I know this gal who'll be great for you. She looks good, likes to work out, and she has a good job."

So, like Charlie Brown agreeing to kick the football that Lucy's holding, I figure "what could go wrong?" and start e-mailing this chick.

She does seem nice, and she's able to hold a conversation, so now we've got a breakfast date for this coming week-end. And it's only after that's set up that I perform my due diligence and snoop her out on social media sites. It turns out that:

1. She's a lawyer. (OK, I knew that).

2. She's a liberal lawyer. Proudly, it seems.

3. Her current "topic of interest" is...wait for it...gun control!!!

orangatang facepalm

triple facepalm

Yeah. This ought to be just fricking great. I mean, it's not like this sort of thing hasn't happened before.

All I'm looking for here is just one rich lingerie model who likes to cook, clean and shoot and who is not allergic to dogs. I mean, seriously, is that too much to ask? Oh--and if she's a certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, that'd be a big plus, too.



  1. heh.... sucker!

  2. Yeah Murphy..That would have been a match made in heaven....*snort* Did you tell your friend that you do have standards? Well seriously Opposites do attract....maybe you can work the dark side and have her see the light. it is worth a shot. My wife was a flaming liberal when I met her 18 years ago. her opinion has changed a lot.

  3. Fail? Probably, but understandable. I'm surprised she didn't check out your blog, too.

    Maybe you need to hang around the airport more often?

  4. Oh no!! It's been a while since the old "let me introduce you to someone" but a well meaning friend set me up for a date at an expensive restaurant with a coworker of her husband. Apparently the guy was into redheaded LEO's. He meant the astrological sign.

    The ankle monitoring bracelet was sort of a clue.

    As soon as he asked where I worked he was out the door, leaving me with the check for the steaks we'd just ordered. And no ride home.

    LAST blind date I ever went on.

    But don't be so picky, I mean. A AND P? (just kidding).

  5. Heh... "What could go wrong". That's right up there with "Hey, watch this" and "What's this button do?"

  6. LOL, and you wonder why "I" have given up???

  7. Facepalm for sure! Good luck with that my friend. I would settle for the A&P mechanic (and a plane).

  8. Murph, you did your due diligence homework, and you were able to cut your losses before they were ever incurred.

    Reminds me of one of my disaster dates. From telephone conversations, I knew that she was a flaming far left liberal, but in those days I still was middle of road so that didn't bother me in and of itself. She described herself as gorgeous, which, turned out, wasn't that much of an overrate. She was obviously intelligent, and had a good sense of humor, even when the subject of the joke was liberal things.

    But it wasn't until we actually went out on the first date that she disclosed to me her AC/DC wiring diagram. Turns out that before her current had alternated to hetero a few months before, her "roommate" had been the daughter of one of my childhood pediatricians.

    Needless to say, the first time out was also the last. And I have since seen her name in the news in connection with lots of knee-jerk liberal causes.

    But at least she was forthright and honest about the whole thing. And I sort of understand her reluctance to disclose that type of info on the telephone, especially back in those days when people made a bigger deal about that kind of thing than they do today.

    Had the internet been available in those days, we each could have done our due diligence and saved ourselves the trouble of the date.

  9. It's why I quit the eHarmony "service".
    They kept "matching" me with the most liberal women I'd ever met.
    After meeting about 5 of them, and giving up, I finally met one that was pretty cool. She was an Aerospace Engineer, was pro-gun, and didn't live too far away.
    BUT....she was a real party animal, and I don't drink.
    Oh, well.....

  10. There seem to be an awful lot of ands in your ideal woman search parameters. Hope you find her before you get too old to care anymore.

  11. Give it a try. I see a couple of old classmates who are "Boulder Liberal".
    Interesting exchanges of insults.

  12. If she had her A&P license, I might not bring up the guns until my next round of inspections was complete.

  13. Blind date?

    Danger, Will Robinson!

  14. Maybe NRA needs to add a dating service?

  15. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Who knows? Maybe you can flip her?


  16. Never get into a relationship with someone who thinks they need to fix you.

    That goes both directions, I think.

  17. @ Rev. Paul: I didn't tell her about this blog.

    @ Brigid: I can waive the A&P if push comes to shove. I'm not totally inflexible.

    @ Ex. Owl: The date's still on. Maybe she's not that bad. Yeah, I'm an optimist.

    @ Pax: The moment that either one of us decides to "fix" the other, it's over. Again, we'll see what happens.

  18. At least she is not as bad as the last one i arranged to meet from a online dating sight, think photo 10yrs out of date weight 35/40lbs heavier etc first and last meet.

  19. I'll point out this is not really a blind date as you have communicated with one another to set it up. I'll also point out I know a lot of liberals and gun haters that I am capable of maintaining a polite vist with. Give it a chance, all you have to lose is a bit of your time, Murphy already has your heart.