Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Sunday evening well spent

Cold outside. Stove burning downstairs making the Lair all nice and warm.
A tall glass of Bushmills, a good book--Lord Jim, by Joseph Conrad--and the company of a faithful friend in the gun room.

If there's a better end to a day, I can't imagine it.


  1. Good times.

    I meant to do something useful with my day, like reloading some .38 Spl. cases, but instead got sidetracked changing oil on the daily driver and cutting tree limbs.


  2. Lord Jim is a favorite that hasn't been revisited in years !

  3. I spent the day oiling guns, but your day was good too.

  4. Lair looks so cozy! Glad you had a relaxing evening. With your schedule (as reflected in your blog), they're probably few and far between.

  5. Great book, been a long time since I read it. You, your dog, and a book. What more could you ask for?