Monday, March 11, 2013

Music to cleans guns by.

Time for some more "Music to clean guns by".

Tonight, we'll do some blues--Clapton and Dr. John--and have some more Bushmills.

Then it's time to clean the M1 Garand.

This one's a Springfield Armory rifle, manufactured in August, 1945. It still sports it's original barrel. This one followed me home from one of my Camp Perry trips.

To start, drop the trigger guard, then remove the trigger assembly.

Then pull the stock off the action and remove the operating rod, spring, and bolt.

Brush and swab the bore, making sure to hold the action upside down to keep the cleaning solvents from running down into the gas tube below the barrel. If you want to clean the gas tube too, unscrew the plug at the end, remove the lock, and clean the tube without removing it from the rifle. Too much taking it off and putting it back makes for a loose fit and this messes up your accuracy.

Clean and oil all the little pieces & parts from the action, then put 'em all back where they belong along with the bolt and the operating rod.

And if you forgot to put grease on the operating surfaces where metal rides on metal, take it back apart and do that I use Tetra grease in the bolt and operating rod tracks and militech oil on the little parts. If it moves, it gets one or the other.
Now put the stock and trigger group back (after cleaning and oiling the trigger group), check it for function, and wipe it all down with an oil rag. Then rack it.

Repeat x10.

We're gonna need another rendition of St. James Infirmary. And more Bushmills. This is gonna be a long night.


  1. Love the Clapton, 10 Garands now you just made me Jealous.

  2. Nice, and good primer, thanks!

  3. Here's a great version of St. James Infirmary by the Honeydripper himself, Roosevelt Sykes:

  4. Was that Jerry Reed song from his psychedelic period?

  5. Nothing more soothing than good music, good alcohol and firearms! My idea of the American way -- I'm not being sarcastic either! Really!

  6. Good looking M-1's!