Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Irony Fairy is so mean.

There was supposed to be a small protest here in eastern WV by the "climate change" crowd today. They were gathering to rail against coal-fired power plants that they claim contribute to the "global warming" trend that we are alleged to be currently experiencing. I was planning on flying over and taking aerial pictures of the pre-announced "huge turnout", but alas, I'm grounded by snow flurries at the airport.

Snow flurries.

In March.

In West Virginia.

So how's that global warming working out in YOUR neck of the woods?

"Tell that Al Gore guy that I got hiz globull warming right heer!"


  1. The snowbanks next to my driveway are almost as tall as I am. The rabbits are devouring the lower branches of my apple trees. What Global warming? Send some please! At this rate the snowbank on top of the garden might manage to melt by May.

  2. It's COLD, and that's not right... Globull warming my ass...


  3. There already have been snow flurries this evening, and the predicted lows over the next 24 hours are 28 (in March)! There is still an ice sheet on top of the cover of my swimming pool.

    What is the Global Warming? And how can I get hold of some of it for up here?

  4. That would be the warming that there has been no evidence of for about 15 years now? That warming?

  5. Heh...I love the tree-hugger-type protests. We had some video back when I was in uniform of a group of activists standing outside a Naval base protesting "nuclear weapons" and "nuclear reactors" and all manner of Evil Radiation concerns....all under the watchful eye of the blazing hot summer sun, the biggest radiation machine in our solar system.

  6. Woke to snow this morning in REALLY southern North Carolina. It cleared off around noon, then started snowing again around 5PM. 35 degrees now.