Thursday, April 18, 2013

A clear picture of Obama's personal politics revealed

Baroness Margaret Thatcher was laid to rest yesterday. While there were Americans present, including Henry Kissenger, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann, there was no official delegation from the Obama Administration. Barry Obama refused to send one despite Thatcher's long history of support for and cooperation with America and American foreign policy actions, both as Britain's Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 and beyond, in her private life. No foreign leader stood as close to America as she did during that time, and she deserved but did not get an official "thank you" in the form of a delegation sent by the Obama Administration.

However, Obama did send long-time America-hating dictator Hugo Chavez an official delegation a little over a month ago. He sent ex-Representatives Gregory Meek and William Delahunt to Venezuela to express his sadness and to offer his respects.

A Communist America-hater gets an official delegation at his funeral but one of the most prominent post-war leaders of the free world and reliable America-backers does not? If anyone ever had a reason to question Obama's marxist leanings or his contempt for our country, this should settle the matter.

Impeachment's too good for B.O.. I'm thinking tar and feathers and a rail to ride out of town is more fitting.


  1. It's reached the point where I can't say his name - it all comes out as obscenities.

  2. You know, he's had multiple chances this week alone to act like an adult and exhibit class and dignity and statesmanship.

    Instead we get petulance and lecturing.

    What a contemptible man.

  3. If we ever get this person out of office, and yes, I do doubt we ever will, two things must be done regarding England. First is to request the bust of Churchill be returned to the White House and second would be a personal pilgrimige to Thatcher's grave for the new POTUS.

  4. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Commies of a feather flock together.
    I can bring some torches and a couple of pitchforks.

  5. Gotta tell ya' - I agree. I dislike this president on every level, (personal, professional, moral) all levels

    He personally embarrasses me with his poor treatment of friends of the USA.

  6. +1 Dick, and other comments.

  7. SOB....Impeachment for him and his entire boot-licking staff, followed immediately (maybe a 5-minute recess for a quick potty trip for the judge) by charges of treason. For every single person he has appointed or delegated or supported. There's not a single one of his cabinet that I would feel comfortable sitting in the Oval Office.

  8. This is more evidence that he internalized the politics of both his parents: the mother who hated America and the father who hated Great Britain. He was the perfect choice of the puppet masters who groomed him from his well-hidden past to his obnoxious present. We can only hope that, once out of office, he returns to obscurity rather than become an even more despicable Jimmy Carter.

  9. Every time you think he can’t get lower, he does.