Saturday, April 20, 2013

And speaking of Chuck Norris...

So last night, I'm up last watching a really bad Chuck Norris movie (The Hitman). It's after midnight, and I'm checking my e-mail, and I see one from a couple of days ago from my minister inviting me to a men's prayer breakfast at 6AM this morning.

6AM? Really? On a Saturday? But part of me feels like I should be there.

However, another part of me--the weaselly part--suggests that I can make the guilty feeling go away by sending an e-mail right now asking for directions to the location (because it wasn't in the e-mail), because there's no way that I'm going to get a reply back in time to be able to find the place and attend. And if I don't get directions, then it's not really my fault if I can't go, right? So I send the e-mail, thinking that, having actually expressed a desire to attend, I'm covered now.

Imagine my surprise when I get a reply back in less than a minute with the directions. From the minister himself. At 1230AM. He's glad that I'll be there, he says. Not much I can do now. I groan and set the alarm for 5AM.

Come morning, I make it there, tired but on time. I see the minister in the kitchen, helping with the breakfast. I thank him for his prompt response to my e-mail, but of course I have to ask him why he was up so late the night before to even get my e-mail.

"Well normally I wouldn't have been up so late," he replied. "But I got hooked on this old Chuck Norris movie that was on..."

The Lord works in mysterious ways.


  1. That He does, Brother ... that He does. :^)

  2. ROTFLMBO!!!

    I think folks' heads would explode in this day and age if the Lord Almighty were to reach out and directly influence or speak to someone. So, He sends Chuck Norris instead.

  3. Irony :)

    Hey, I wanted to let you know I screwed something up just now. I was trying to read a comment you left on a blog post using my new "smart phone". Do you know what happens when you combine a small touch screen with fingers the size of mine?

    Comments get deleted before you have a chance to read them, that's what happens. And apparently you can't bring back comments you've deleted either. I didn't want you to notice that your comment was gone and think that I deleted it intentionally.

    I never even got a chance to read it,... stupid giant fingers.

  4. @ Paladin: Aw, man! That one took a while to write, too. But thanks for letting me know. I'da figured you didn't like it otherwise. Gad that at least wasn't the case.

  5. God has an unpredictable sense of humor. Roll with it.

  6. Heh-heh. I set my alarm for 5:05 this past Friday, to make it to the 6:00a men's prayer group.

    One of our guys is a real estate agent turned TSA screener. I asked him "Where all da ammo at?"

    Then, of course, about a half dozen guys chimed in, so now he's tasked with finding the ammo...

  7. LOL, that he does!!! :-)