Friday, April 19, 2013

GOT 'EM!!!

Breaking news.

Turns out that the shoot-out which took the life of an MIT Campus police officer last night was in fact related to the Boston Marathon bombers. As of this writing, one of the suspects is dead and the second one is on the run and probably trapped in Watertown, Ct.

Great job, police and FBI guys.

AMERICA! Eff yeah!

PS: Sorry MSNBC, Salon, and their disaffected liberal moonbats: it actually was muslims from Chechnya, not the "Right-wing white male Americans". It was the people that Obama said won't attack us any more because of his policies.


  1. Did you see that CNN of all people, admitted these guys were Islamist? I nearly fainted. Now if NBC, CBS, etc. would do the same, I would know that the end was near.

  2. The liberal airhead gal who owns the coffee shop next to my office spent 5 minutes, yesterday, explaining to me all her reasons why "right-wing extremists" were behind it.

    I asked her to a) explain why a reputed anti-government "extremist" would target a non-political target. She couldn't.

    I then asked her to name a "right-wing extremist" who'd committed violence. She couldn't.

    It still made no difference to her. Liberals aren't convinced by facts, evidence, or history. I begin to wonder if they're not brain-damaged by liberalism...