Thursday, May 02, 2013

My lucky day

Repair bills always suck, be they for cars or for planes. Plane bills tend to suck exponentially more, just because they can. And money's getting tight right now, so another bill I did not need. But the Cessna needed a bit of work to fix a significant front gear vibration on landing so I bit the bullet and taxied it over to the shop today.

I lucked out. In and out of the repair shop for less than a hundred bucks!
Shimmy damper rebuild. Fixed, fixed right, and fixed cheap. I love my A&P shop!


  1. Never knew they had such a device.

    Glad you got out cheap, though!

  2. I in all matters would rather be lucky than good. Lucky and good at the same time is awesome though.

  3. That's GOOD news! Could have been much worse!

  4. @ Old NFO: You got that right! Any time the plane needs any sort of service work, I automatically start returning unopened groceries to the store because I know that it's going to cost me. But this was $90.00. It cost more than that to have it's oil changed.