Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Man Movie

In Mr. Majestyk, Charles Bronson shows us how union thugs should be handled whenever they show up at a business.

Wal-Mart, take notes.


  1. Mr. Bronson (Buchinsky) was one of the best actors ever.

    The puny jerks who currently masquerade as actors couldn't shine his shoes.

  2. @ Toejam: That's why I featureactors like him and John Wayne and Clint Eastwood and other real American film stars, and why you will never see a George Clooney or Alec Baldwin clip here unless they are getting beat up by a real American film star. I'd pay money to watch Clint whip their asses and tell them to get off his lawn, wouldn't you?

  3. Some other great actors (in my estimation) were Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and believe it or noe Eddie Albert.

    I give Albert high marks, not so much for his so-so acting but as a Navy Lieutenant he rescued 47 marines who were stranded offshore on a reef during the invasion of the island of Betio in the Tarawa Atoll while under heavy enemy machine-gun fire.

    Bronze Star with "V" for that deed!