Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why'd we bother?

Can someone please tell me why we spend so much blood and treasure to liberate this nation?

Captive in Kuwait: Contract dispute leaves 100 Americans stranded on US Army bases

Little thing called "gratitude". I'm thinking that Kuwaitis ain't got much.

But then if I recall, this is the country whose young males scattered to the party spots of Europe while ours were over there freeing their country.


  1. Drill, and tell the Middle East to go to hell. Oh, wait. They're already there.

  2. I say we get our folks back, and never go back there again. Might even be hospitable and leave a "Welcome Taliban!" doormat as we exit. Screw em.

  3. Anonymous12:59 AM

    +1 PH

  4. "I say we get our folks back, and never go back there again."

    Agreed RabidAlien,

    Except on ONE condition: B2 Stealth's, B52's, B1's and Tomahawk cruise missles loaded with H-Bombs pay the sand monkies one last, "adios MFer's", visit.

  5. Yep, they did, then got pissed when their 'palaces' had a few holes in them... F'em...

  6. I have done my tours in Iraq and Kuwait and the ONLY way I see we should waste out time is if we put up the American flag over there and make the whole region ours and take their oil.