Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pop Quiz

What do the following people all have in common?

Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith, Dick Clark, Bert Convy, Harry Morgan, Howard Cosell, John Astin, Jackie Coogan, Vic Tayback, Mark Hamill, Jodie Foster, Larry Wilcox, Louis Gossett, Jr., Norman Fell, Richard Pryor, Rob Reiner, Arte Johnson, Slim Pickens, Johnny Cash and President Reagan's daughter, Maureen Reagan?

Discuss this amongst yourselves and comment if you think you know. No cheating and I'll post a list of the best guesses (and the correct answer) later.

EDIT: Brigid knows. And LOL @ Brigid.


  1. Cool! I got it right! Today's post for Langniappe and all the other dogs of our lives.

  2. They each have credits for television shows AND for films, back when the two media were distinct worlds of their own?

  3. Not a clue... and I'm too damn lazy to go look it up! LOL

  4. They were all on "The Love Boat" at one time or another.