Friday, July 05, 2013


Looks like Blogger fixed their bug, because now my pictures are loading normally again.

Anyway...the other day, I got out to the range to try my new .300AAC AR, shown here below the DPMS "Sportical" rifle that I helped convince a friend to buy.(One of you wanted to see it's picture last week, and I'm nothing if not responsive to you great folks.)
Pay no attention to the pistol optic that my friend mounted on his rifle--he's still learning, and he learned a lesson about sight planes on this day.
Here's my baby all be itself. This was also the first test of some new ammo that I made using cut-down 5.56mm cases and pull-down 7.62mm bullets.
So how'd it do?

Other than one near-miss on a clay (shot #2), it performed as expected at 50 yards off-hand, although as you can see, it took ten hits to make that empty jug actually go down. Fortunately empty jugs rarely attack. I suspect that it'll do better on bad guys who typically pack a bit more mass and density.


  1. Nice! And I noticed no BUIS on yours either... I'd recommend the Troy ones. MUCH better than Magpul plastic.

  2. @ Old NFO: There's already a permanent fold-down front iron sight on there (YHM) and I'll get a rear eventually, probably YHM or A.R.M.S., but I'll check out Troy, too. Thanks!