Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Man Movie

In Kelly's Heroes, real men Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas dealt with the Germans, with help from Donald Sutherland.

No Ben Afflecks or other Hollywood limp-wrists back then.


  1. Well, Donald Sutherland is a bit suspect in the limp-wrist department, having been Jane Fonda's lover during her "Hanoi Jane" phase. He's never been as obnoxious about his politics as Fonda or more contemporary actors, though.

  2. An excellent choice. No negative waves here!

  3. One very minor item:

    I noticed at the beginning when Telly stepped out the door he was cradling under his right arm an M1A1 Thompson .45 cal. submachine gun with a 30 round "stick" magazine.

    He used his left hand to operate the bolt handle back and then it snapped forward. Looks and sounds like a tough move to the audience.


    That would be fine if he had a semi-auto M1 Garand which fires from a closed bolt, but the "tommy-gun" is a "blow-back" weapon and fires from an OPEN bolt.

    In reality the after he cranked the bolt back it should have locked in the open position until he pulled the trigger which would then have released the bolt, stripped a .45 ACP round from the magazine, chambered and fired it.

    It's still a great scene. However, in retrospect I prefer the final action scene in "Saving Private Ryan".

    25 years makes a big difference in the film industry.

  4. Toe jam: Good catch..But Telly was still cooler and more manly than anyone in that Private Ryan pic. Somewhere in that 25 years, Hollywood neutered itself.

  5. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Real men kicking a$$

  6. A truly entertaining movie.

  7. Toejam, I watched the scene specifically looking for that. The bolt locked in the open position. It did not snap forward.