Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Trapped at the Soo

Low clouds. High winds. Tons of rain last night and sporadically today. Grounded. Can't fly out of Sault Ste. Marie today.

Not minding one bit--we got food and I got beer.

In the spirit of Brigid, food-blogger extraordinaire, This is a steak tip sandwich, covered with carmelized onions, cheese, onion rings and a touch of Jack Daniels sauce. Beer is a Widowmaker. I've had two. Got it at Maloney's Irish Pub on Portage Street. I'm happy. Spud's happy too, only without beer. 

Meanwhile, here: Ships.

Entering the Poe Lock up bound, it's the steamship Arthur M.Anderson
On the night of November Tenth, 1975, The Anderson was down bound on Lake Superior in a severe storm. Nine miles ahead of her was another steamer named Edmund Fitzgerald. The two were in radio contact as they approached Whitefish Point. The Fitzgerald skipper, Ernest McSorley, reported that he was taking on water but was otherwise "holding his own." A minute later, the Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew of twenty-nine was gone. The Anderson was the vessel that notified the Coast Guard and even came about in the storm to search for survivors. None were found. The Fitzgerald was gone with all hands.

I know the story, and when I saw the Anderson making ready to lock through today, I put Spud's lunch   On hold and we stayed to watch this lake legend pass by.

The Sam Laud passed through the MacArthur Lock just a bit later.

Now we're going to go watch Da Yoopers perform, and then it's back to the campground. We'll fly out tomorrow, weather permitting.


  1. Nice! Sometimes the unexpected has rewards unto its own.

  2. Making the best of an unexpected situation, and doing it with good eats & good sights. Nice!

  3. Watch out for them chikitos and steer clear of the smart pills.

  4. What Keads said... And not a lot of clearance there...

  5. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Great pictures