Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Damn Dog!

So last night, I'm ready for a bit of rest and relaxation. I've cleaned off the couch, made myself a nice hot cup of coffee, which is now sitting on a box next to the couch, and I'm spinning up a vintage Dr. Who episode on Netflix on the iPad. Yeah, this is gonna be a nice evening.

Cue Murphy.

The damn dog saunters into the room just as I'm reclining back on the couch and picking up my movie. He sees me getting all relaxed and contented and decides to do something about it. He grabs up a toy stuffed camel of his, throws it up in the air, jumps up to catch it as it's falling back down, and then runs over to me with it and slam dunks it into my coffee cup.

Seriously, dog? SERIOUSLY?!

I should've got a freaking hamster four years ago. I should've got a freaking hamster.

"Either you can play with me, or I'm gonna play with you!"


  1. Yep, you got played. :)

  2. Actually, those of us that follow Murphy's Blog, bribed him to ambush you(didn't take much).

    You may want to limit his time on the computer.

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    What the Good Rev. said...


  4. Yes, but could a hamster handle a SAW as well as a German Shepard?

  5. I believe he won that round.

    What are you doing for round two?

  6. Has he eaten your favorite socks yet? I gave him a big cookie to do that...

  7. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Murphy 1 coffee 0

  8. As the owner of two working-line GSDs (and @falnfenix's bestie), I can relate. :) More than once, I've been ensconsced on the couch, only to have a chewie rope or Kong Wubba dropped into my lap with the accompanying "PLAY WITH ME" face. If I ignore the demand, the toy will be picked up and dropped again, rather pointedly...often with an accompanying bark, as if to drive the point home.

    Yes dog, I see you. I know what you want. I'm just choosing not to indulge you because I Don't Wanna. :P

  9. Heh... Yep, he's GOT your number...

  10. BArkley can sleep all day while I'm busy doing chores or laundry or whatever. As soon as I sit down with a sip of scotch, a good video and my favorite jammies he's suddenly Hyper Dog! with his sidekick Mr. Squeeky.


  11. I have a hamster. It is safe to say that it has never dunked anything in my coffee cup.

    In fact, it would probably -drown- if it went anywhere near my coffee cup. :D

  12. dogs are wiley that way.
    our Weimar used to drop his ball in your lap.
    The second you threw it on the floor, technically, you were playing.
    He'd go get it and drop it in your lap again.