Thursday, September 26, 2013

Machine gun found in closet? Some people have all the luck.

Even if it is only a MAC 11 knock-off made by Cobray, I still wouldn't turn it down for free.

Machine gun found in terminal at JFK Airport


  1. "Free" might be too expensive. POS phone-booth gun. A closet is probably beyond it's accuracy range. I'm not sure it could hit the side of a barn, from the inside!

    Looked neat in the movie "McQ", with John Wayne. After playing with one, I'm thinking movie blanks is about the best thing it can handle.

  2. Two things come to mind, I doubt it was fully automatic but what kind of idiot turned it in (of course maybe there was two or three found and he only turned in one)

  3. I just saw that this morning. The amount of absolute bedwettery it triggered kicked over my gigglebox.

  4. In the comments of the original article:

    1) The closet is outside the security zone, taking away alot of the handwringing.

    2) Two of the commenters say is a semi-automatic version of the Mac11.

    3) Commenters pointed out if it a machine gun, it can be traced easily.

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    If only it had the same media import as 'empty wallet found in JFK locker'.