Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shhhhh.....Someone's sleeping.

So peaceful, so contented, so well-behaved. It'd be a shame to wake him.

Still, I wonder what he dreams of during those times when he growls or barks softly in his sleep, and his paws move as if he's chasing some prey that exists only in his happy place?

Yeah, I can see that.


  1. Heh... So the question is, what does he DO with them???

  2. @ Old NFO: I think that he's just interested in the chewy centers.

  3. L E T A S L E E P I N G D O G L I E!

    And now you know what it means.

  4. LOL!.. And all this time I thought gunny was chasing rabbits in his dreams when he does that.

  5. LOL! On the way back from IA. Old NFO said "hi".