Monday, October 28, 2013

Poor little Greenpeacenik? I think not.

The media is still somewhat abuzz over those "poor, well-intentioned Green Peace activists" who invaded a Russian oil rig and are now in Russian custody awaiting trial.

Of particular interest to me (on an amusement level, of course) is the tragic tale of Sini Saarela, the one protester who is "starving to death" because the Russians won't prepare the special vegan meals that she wants.

Greenpeace activist 'starving' in prison without vegan food

Wah. I'm guessing that before too much longer, she'll come to eat and appreciate whatever sausage-based meals that they put on her tray. Fact is, the Russians aren't inhumane; they'll feed her enough food to keep her alive and healthy. What they won't do is cater to her like she's Princess-Fricking-Anastasia and put a specialty chef at her beck and call. And when she gets hungry enough, she'll eat what they give her and ask for seconds.

Now the story is enough to make one picture an idealistic but naive young girl who probably didn't realize what she was getting herself into. However, her own Green Pest bio paints a different picture, outing her as a seasoned activist well known for doing this sort of thing in countries more tolerant of the antics of spoiled trust-fund kids.

She has taken part in many demonstrations. Sini is an experienced climber, and in 2007 scaled the crane of a nuclear construction site Olkiluoto 3, Finland, to demonstrate against nuclear power.

Sini is not deterred by the cold conditions in the Arctic. Last year, she climbed the oil platform Prirazlomnaya with Greenpeace International Executive Director, Kumi Naidoo.

So we're looking at someone experienced at bothering productive people and getting arrested for it, and the real issue here is that she and her supporters are only shocked that she's suddenly going to be held to accounts for once.

The site also included her picture.

Wow. That face would make a train take a dirt road. No wonder they're keeping her away from the other prisoners--the others are already being punished enough without being made to feel like they're in a haunted house.


  1. Actions meet consequences. If you can't pay then don't play.

  2. Yo... REALITY check there chickie... :-) The Russians/Soviets DON'T play nice!

  3. Suddenly, being a martyr is so much fun. Too bad, cupcake.

  4. I figured that they would like it there since they are basically leftist. She and others of her ilk got used to dealing with western based governments who will cater to her wishes. Now she is dealing with a government that don't care if she is a special snowflake. Ain't shadenfreude a bitch....?

  5. What NFO said! The FSU don't play! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

  6. And this is who Theon Greyjoy became after he lost his junk.

  7. Tango wins da interwebs!!!

    Seriously...I have no sympathy for Greenpeace idiots who think its okay for their cause to stop production and disrupt the work (and lives) of countless working folk, but get all in a tizzy when the same is done to them. Hypocrites. Eat your borscht.

  8. Keads beat me to it.

  9. Anonymous9:19 PM

    You can't do the time dont do the crime

  10. "She'll eat when she's hungry."

    Worked on my sisters and me (although I cheated -- had a stash of canned soup, crackers, spoon, and a can opener in my room, LOL).

  11. Whoo boy, she has "crazy" written all over that face.