Saturday, October 05, 2013

So disappointed

There's a new movie out with Sandra Bullock, a little cutie that I never tire of watching on-screen. It's a nifty-looking "survival" type meeting called "Gravity". The movie is set in outer space and the trailers and reviews really caught my interest.

However I won't go see it. I won't rent it when it hits the rental boxes, either.

As much as I'd like to see it, the producers ruined it right out of the gate by casting liberal assclown George Clooney in it. And because he's in it, and because he'd get paid if I paid to see it, I'll forego the experience. Hopefully other Americans will do the same thing and send a message to anti-military, anti-gun, Obama-supporting jerks like Clooney and the studios that make movies--if you go around on the talk shows insulting us and our beliefs, or if you cast egotistical buffoons that do, we're not going to patronize your big-budget movies.

So sorry, Sandra. I'm passing on this one. Pity. But if it helps, maybe I'll go rent "Speed 2" again, just for you. (Well, ok...maybe not that bomb, but I'll find something.)


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I agree 100%

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    She's a hottie and a fine actress who was messed up by her ex. He's a moron.
    As you suggest, too bad.
    I would have liked to have seen it.


  3. I would have suggested seeing "Demolition Man", but that's no better with Stallone in it. Hmmmm...maybe something with Kate Beckinsale?

  4. The wife wanted to see it, so we went tonight and saw it.

    Besides the fact that George Clooney is in it, it's a complete waste of your money.

    It's so technically inaccurate and implausible that I was tempted to just leave a few times.

    My wife, however, was on the nail-biting edge of her seat, and was apparently enjoying it, so I stuck it out.

    And you get to see a LOT of Ms. Bullocks fine legs and rear end.

  5. Hey Murphy;

    I have commented more than once that when people overseas " see" American movies and tv shows, they think we are moral degenerates. They can't grasp the concept that the tinseltown crowd don't reflect the average American values. Yes I consider Sandra a hottie

  6. Ditto - won't watch for George Clooney AND what I suspect would be cringeworthy stretches of science.

    As for Ms. Bullock - I was at the FBO in Austin (the old airport) and one of the guys with me said "look, it's Sandra Bullock". And it was, sitting quietly in a chair in jeans and a ballcap. His daughter was a big fan and he wanted to ask for her autograph. I finally told him to just go ask. She could not have been more nice and did so, then chatted with him a bit about his daughter. She is one classy lady.