Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Patient

He had his medicine and a treat and we've played a bit and now he's gone back to bed. To look at him, you'd never know that there was anything wrong with him.
"Hey Boss....got any more of that tasty green candy in the little white bags?"

No Murphy. Not in this house. Not ever again.


  1. When our big retriever does something dumb, our insult to her is to call her a 'poodle.' (Yes, I know poodles are smart, hunters, etc. but they look so silly when cut with the poms on their hips) Looks like Murph has done something poodle-worthy! So very glad he is surviving!!

  2. There's no teacher like a lesson learned. I'm just glad Murphy's okay.

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I am glad to hear Murphy is getting better.Give him a dog biscuit for me.

  4. If he gets too fidgety, look for Blue Buffalo Tranquility treats. One is sufficient for about 4 hrs of lazy dog. You'll probably need then in about 2 days.

    SO glad he is recovering! As noted by another - hydrogen peroxide is a great dog barfer - Malamute ate a whole plate of brownies and got the treatment. Took about 6 attempts with turkey baster - I reckon maybe 4-6 tablespoons total - and it was all coming out. Perhaps there is a contraindication for barfing poison, though...

  5. @ Laura: I've heard that about the peroxide. Only problem is that by the time I found the bag, it'd been several hours from the time that he likely ate the stuff. Way too late for vomiting.

    @ Monsoon: I have dozens of pejoratives for Murphy, ranging from the mocking to the insulting to the obscene. They just make his tail wag.

    Everyone's kind thoughts have been passed on to Murphy. This also just makes his tail wag. I'm not thinking that he understands what all the fuss is about.

  6. Glad to hear that Murphy's okay.

    That kinda thing is scary!

  7. Glad he's okay...

  8. Good to know he's on the mend and in good hands.

  9. I prefer sticky traps for mice. The heavy paper backing type works much better than the plastic tray type.

    Murphy may only have to mess with one once to learn to leave them alone.

    You can fold them up, to make them less likely to get stepped on.

  10. I can only hope both of you boys learned from this.
    God bless Murph and you. My furkids are at least as dumb/smart when it comes to "food". But giving them pills is something they will actively fight - someday I hope to be smarter than they are...
    Good luck, amigo.