Thursday, October 10, 2013

When test-drives go aircraft

A prospective buyer got something to think about with this test-flight in a T-34 Mentor trainer last week.

Now I really want a T-34. Maybe not that one, but still...


  1. Heh. That would be something to see comin' down the road at you!

  2. Kind of an attractive aircraft - just imagine what it'd do if you cut down the parasitic drag by removing the excess aft control surfaces and replaced them with a pair of ruddervators... ;-)

    ML, when it comes to milsurp a/c, you're sort of like the guy who wants to bring home every lost animal.

    I have an idea here - the Pentagon announced recently that the remaining 5 C-27J Spartans (Italian [=sexy] for C-130 Lite) will roll off their assembly line to be ferried directly to D-M. Recognizing that this is a tragedy of the worst kind, I propose to distract the guy at the roll-up door of the factory, while you divert one of those birds (just one, 'cause I know you don't want to be greedy) and whisk it safely to an undisclosed location (given that it's designed to operate on short, unimproved runways).

    Then, the whole bunch of your blog followers can help mod it up - RATOs, some Spectre-like armament, jammers, the works - and on alternating weekends can repel Buckeyes and Okies from Dogpatch and the Lone Star State, respectively.

    Seems like a pretty good idea, huh?

  3. Interesting... One wonders what the backstory is???