Saturday, November 09, 2013

A look into the mind of an Anti-Gun Democrat

Most every gun owner who cherishes their right to Keep and Bear knows whack-job NY Democrat Carolyn McCarthy. She's the one who first ran for office in the 1996 elections on one single agenda item: Gun Control. She has sponsored and/or voted in favor of more anti-gun legislation than anyone in Congress. Indeed, even her own Wikipedia page has this to say about her: "McCarthy has been described as "the doyenne of anti-gun advocates in the House" and "the fiercest gun-control advocate in Congress"." In fact, it's really all she does and all she cares about. Her biggest boasts back when she ran were about how she was going to hold every American gun owner accountable for the bad acts of a very few criminals who possess and use guns illegally.

Well apparently accountability and personal responsibility come to a screeching halt at her own front door. After being an avid cigarette smoker for over four decades, Rep. McCarthy finds herself dealing with the spectre of lung cancer first-hand. So what does she do? Does she quit smoking? Nope. She (are you ready for this?) has her lawyers draw up a lawsuit against seventy different companies that deal with or once dealt with asbestos.

Politician with cancer smoked for 40 years, sues over asbestos

Just wow. This chain-smoking paragon of personal responsibility is trying to score big bucks from seventy different companies over asbestos exposure even though she herself has never worked around or been exposed to asbestos. Because it can't be from all the cigarettes, right?

I guess it's easier for her to blame all those other people for her personal problem than it is to look in the mirror and blame herself and her own behavior.

This says a heck of a lot about where our proposed gun control laws come from, doesn't it? If you've ever wondered about the thought processes and the logical ability of gun-controllers in Congress, you need look no further than Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, the gun-banners' poster woman. Divorced from reality and devoid of any sense of personal responsibility? You betcha. Allowed to write and vote on laws that control you and me even though it's obvious that she's a few fries short of a Happy Meal? Sadly so.


  1. Wow. Just wow... That explains at lot. I know the risks of what I do and take full responsibility for my actions and consequences of same.

  2. Footnotes to your posting:

    1. Do not ignore the identity of her counsel, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has long prostituted him self in all matters, whether in partisan politics or in his personal injury law firm.

    2. Colin Ferguson, the shooter whose crime took the life of Carolyn McCarthy's husband and severely injured her son, was (A) Afro-Caribbean; (B) militantly anti-White; and (C) entered the USA on a visitor visa, which he overstayed through the technicality of marrying an American citizen. Query: Howcum Carolyn isn't anti-Black or anti-illegal alien?

    3. Colin Ferguson's defense attorneys were William Kunstler and Ron Kuby. They asserted the "Black Rage" defense at Ferguson's trial.

    4. Lest you liberals loose a few pints of blood from your hearts over the poor, oppressed b-l-a-c-k man who exploded under the pressure of his oppression by the white descendants of slaveowners, please note that Ferguson came from an extremely privileged and wealthy background in Jamaica.

  3. Yep, blame the other person for your own lack of self control or discipline. Typical...

  4. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Damn Just Damn

  5. Speechless. I'm That'!

  6. You've nailed it and her... WELL SAID!!!

  7. Anonymous11:54 PM

    "Pay no attention to the coughing woman behind the asbestos curtain..."

    Evil, stupid and self-serving.


  8. The bad thing is that the companies that are mentioned will settle rather than fight. Their lawyers(pox be upon them) will tell them to settle rather than do the right thing and fight.