Saturday, November 23, 2013

Picking names

Not that it's a done deal by any means, but should things happen re: the new dog, what should I call her? Her old name is out, both because of a conflict and because she deserves a new start (just like Murphy got).

So what to name a Lady German Shepherd?


Only if the neighbor's feral cats are recast as FOUS (Felines Of Unusual Size).

No, that won't work. She's not an over-the-hill lesbian.

Nah. She's a dog, not a stripper.

Even I dare not.

I got it! Joan of Bark!

Oh, hell. Even I can't believe that I just wrote that last one. Sigh.

A little help from the readership would be appreciated.


  1. Your new dog will find an appropriate name when the time comes.

  2. Marlene Dietrich of course would go well with Audie Murphy. Hedy Lamarr would work even though she was Austrian. Or you could go with the spirit of the season and name her Noelle or Chrissie. Or since you are a fan of supermodels you could go with Heidi Klum.

  3. Audie Murphys wives were named Wanda and Pamela. I like Wanda.

  4. Well, Miss Hap was a B-29 in the Pacific, which would fit in thematically with [Audie] Murphy....

  5. If you want to get in well with the San Francisco crowd, you could name her Em-Bark-adero . . .


  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I've always wanted to name a dog "Damnit". Just to be able to stand on the front porch at 3AM screaming "Come back Damnit"

  7. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Actually, Mari Blanchard and Lori Nelson played opposite Murphy in Destry. Marlene Detrich starred in the original Destry Rides Again with Jimmy Stewart.

    [/movie nerd]

    I agree with K: she'll name herself in good time.

    That said, I like Joan. Just lose the 'of Bark' bit.


  8. Frau Blucher. Although that only works if there are horses nearby who will conveniently go nuts anytime you speak her name.

  9. Looks like a Sandy to me

  10. Well, heck...if you really want to keep in the (Audie)Murphy tradition, name her (Violette)Szabo.

  11. Mattie, just because it sounds good to me.

    "Hey Mattie, get Murphy and come inside".

  12. Mattie, just because it sounds good to me.

    "Hey Mattie, get Murphy and come inside"

  13. Mona as a short for Ramona...? Murphy and Mona...kinda sings.....perhaps like a bad vaudeville act...but it does have possibilities.

  14. Let her name herself... ;-D

  15. Shiela, taking a clue from the Aussies

  16. She is a real beauty so how about Lucy as in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

  17. Go all-out cutsie and give her a name that starts with M.

    Murphy and...

    etc. etc..

    Chicks dig that shit.

  18. Amelia. A Germanic name meaning work or industrious. GSD's are working dogs and it can also refer to Amelia Earhart.

    Heidi means noble, but so many GSD's are named that. Still a good name, though.

    Ursula. Translates to She-Bear.

  19. Callie, LOL, short for caliber? Although, I do like MSgt B's suggestion of Macie.

  20. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Rhona, shortened form of either Rowena (white/fair hair) or Rhonwen (shining spear).
    I know, a German shepherd with a Celtic name? Well Murphy, even if it is after Audie Murphy ruins that idea.
    I'm not a fan of alliteration in dog names, tends to confuse the recall.

  21. How about Ludi or Milla - both are Short for Ludmilla Pavlichenko, top female Russian sniper of WWII with 309 kills.

  22. we vote for Aaron's GREAT suggestions!

  23. I favor Millie. Congratulations!

    Now, don't be asking Santa for a hamster.

  24. Each litter of German Shepherds from an individual kennel registered with the Deutsche Shaferhunde must have names that begin with the same letter. For instance, if this is the first litter from your kennel name, the names will all begin with the letter A. Second litter will be names with B, etc, until the alphabet is gone through and one begins again at A. Having said that, I would submit Mallory for her. Mallory is German meaning: War Counselor. Murph and Mal, sounds melodic. Then again, Murphy hardly needs a war counselor.....

  25. Roy beat me to the punch with Boudicca but I like Hedy without the Lamar. On the other hand Aaron's suggestions are great, too.

  26. I'm partial to Annie Oakley AKA Little Sure Shot.

  27. Our neighbors named their new dog Benelli or Nellie for short. You live plenty far away, you could borrow it.

    Of course if you want to name the new dog after gun nicknames instead of actual manufacturers, you could call her Vera.

  28. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I'd a brown shorthair once named 'Ilsa', after the heroine of Casablanca.
    We'd considered 'Lena', after Lena Horne, as she was classy and dark, but thought some folks might think it was racist.
    I miss Ilsa.

  29. When it came to naming our new male Black German Shepherd, we went with my daughter's choice; her favorite TV character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, or just Gibbs. In the NCIS theme, I submit Ziva, Abby or Kate as good name for a female.

  30. Kaylee. From Firefly.

  31. Ooooooooooo....Bob makes a very shiny suggestion!

  32. We watch our dogs for a few days and the name just comes with the dog. Teddy looked just like a stuffed teddybear when she was a pup. Yotie is short for Violet's Wiley Coyote, as she was (and still is) willful and wiley. Bitsey was cute and so small, the name fit her. We adopted an older cocker who was so happy to have a family she didn't mind being called Black Dog for her final years. Her name will come. Could be Sister, Diamond Lil (after seeing your vet bills). No worries!