Saturday, November 30, 2013

So far, so good.

She was woozy all last night, but Murphy, being a fine host, still ran up and dropped his favorite stuffed cat in front of her, an invitation to play.
He was not so courteous later when I gave them each a treat, though. She's a very dainty and reserved eater and he wolfed his then stole half of hers.

But come bed time, they slept well together.
Now it's morning and they've spent some time outdoors. Murphy and I played ball for a bit but she only watched from behind me. She's drinking a ton of water but won't touch her food bowl, which I have to guard from Murphy since he already had his.

They're both still feeling each other out this morning. Murphy just brought me one of his toys and she walked in between us, took it, and left. We'll see where this goes.


  1. She is do pretty! And you are so kind to take her even after the vet visit. We need to meet her soon!

  2. So, my three year old daughter sees your picture. Her take? "Aw, those are cute robot dogs."

  3. She's a great addition to your household.

  4. Aw, I hope they get on great together - but not great enough to up the ante from the grill-stealing!

    Hope you have a great time with both of 'em. :-)

  5. Very nice looking puppy - glad things are starting out so well. I bet Murph can hardly wait to start giving her a "proper" training! :)