Friday, November 08, 2013

That Damn Dog (yet again)

So this morning we were all set to fly down and see Keads and hopefully Bob. We got a weather scratch on the flight so we came back home. (A 6-7 hr ride in a car with Murphy whining in the back seat the whole way is NOT something anyone would want to do--trust me.)

Well I was slow to unpack our bags and when I was downstairs fiddling with the reloading press this evening, Murphy apparently decided that it was his dinner time so he dug through my partially-open travel bag and extracted the bag filled with his dog food that was still in there. He then retired to the living room rug to partake of his feast, tearing open the bag and eating about half of it, or twice what he should have had for a regular dinner. Apparently full, he just set the rest of the bag aside for later. Naturally I spotted it when I came back upstairs and as usual, I am not amused.

I thought that it was bad enough when he just counter-surfed and stole from the grocery bags if I didn't immediately put them up after shopping, but now he rifles through my luggage? I'm thinking that this dog's got a future with TSA.

On second thought...nah, he's too smart to work there.


  1. LOL! I'm so sorry it did not work out. Although I Murph proofed house I don't trust him!

  2. At least Murph is feeling better!

  3. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Should have gotten the hamster instead, when you had the chance...