Tuesday, December 03, 2013

OK, so she's not a watchdog...yet.

Proud Hillbilly stopped by today to meet the new pack member.

Her post about that here.

Murphy, as is normal and expected, launched into a fierce tirade of barking as soon as she pulled into the driveway. Belle...well not so much.

Murphy: "Bark! Snarl! Bark! Snap! Bark! Slather! Bark!"

Belle (after looking to me for assurance): "uh...wurf?"

She was rewarded though. It's the right idea, even if it wouldn't frighten a bunny rabbit.

Then PH came up and played with the pair for a bit.
"Ahhhh...That's the spot!"

"Hey! Ball time!"

Surrounded. And outweighed.


  1. Heh... Belle is just letting Murphy do all the work! :-)

  2. LOL! What NFO said! Smart girl that one!

  3. Belle is a beautiful girl! Kudos to you for saving her. I hope you can get her the heartworm treatment she needs--it is difficult to obtain nowadays, and isn't cheap...it may be that heartworm was a big part of why she was dumped by her prior owner.


  4. She'll have him wrapped around her little paw real soon. It's fun to see them together.