Saturday, December 07, 2013

Quick Flight

Since I had a day off, and since for once the weather wasn't bad (10-knot quartering crosswind, but I'll take it), I popped up for a quick flight this afternoon.

Here's a shot looking over the quarries north of the new Route 9 Connector just west of the WV/VA state line. I'm thinking that the straight, flat section of the connector there might make a great emergency strip should I ever have trouble when I'm out this way. Good to keep in mind in the otherwise hilly area.

Here's a cute little house down in the John Brown Farm development. I'll bet that there's Bushmills there.

Another glamour shot of the Shenandoah River with the Blue Ridge behind it. Over that ridge lies Northern Virginia and the end of civilization as we West Virginians know it.

And here's back home again. I'm setting up for a few touch-and-go landings.
Flying a right pattern on this one because an old pilot named Ed once told me that I couldn't claim to be proficient unless I could fly right and left patterns with equal ease. So both get practiced when the tower's closed and no other traffic is around.

Just a short 1.4 hour hop, but damn I feel good. It's been too long since my last flight thanks to a new work schedule, and winter weather's not helping at all.


  1. Good idea, proficency means putting yer butt in the seat... And being able to fly either pattern comes in handy too!

  2. Glad you got a chance to go up. :)

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Great pictures

  4. Good idea on the pattern thing. I did the occcassional student, just to help pay for my little plane, long after my formal CFI days were over. Usually a friend or neighbor that wanted some dual and didn't mind that I had a full time job doing other things and wasn't always available every weekend.

    The airport was darn near deserted, just a small strip in the country with a few T-hangers and a tiny maintenance shop. We were usually the only ones out there. This one student asked me "what do I do if I'm in the pattern and someone else enters?"

    Jokingly I said, "just get on the radio and say Airplane entering the downwind at Acme Airport -WTF?"

    He laughed abd that was that. But sure enough, a week later, he's on a solo about an hour before civil twilight, I've got my eye on him, and listening to him on the unicom and sure enough, here comes another plane into the pattern. My student gets on the radio, and sure enough (FCC shut your ears) says "Airplane on the 45 to downwind at Acme Airpport WTF!?"


  5. Wow! How did you know! I am out of my favorite Kentucky bourbon but DO still have Bushmills in the cupboard! Dang Thanksgiving relatives drank the bourbon and do you think I could find it anywhere in WV land yesterday to be totally prepared for the snow/sleet? Sigh. Of course not.

  6. @ Katherine: Try the 7-11 across from Wal-Mart. They usually have some.

  7. @ Brigid: You're so bad. :-)

  8. Terrific! My airport is snow-covered, it's cold and now it's snowing again.

    Good to see someone else is flying.


    My problem is that I only like This kind. Went to every 7-11 in HF area. :(

  10. @Murphy's Law "Try the 7-11 across from Wal-Mart. They usually have some."

    The one drawback to living in Texas!