Friday, December 27, 2013


It's been a long day. Shooting with Aaron of the Shekel, my newphew Spud and D., Proud Hillbilly's son-in-law.
And my shooting was done on an outdoor range. In the snow. On crutches. But it was good training if nothing else.

Then it was over to D's house for a fantastic seafood dinnner. Now we're back. And I'm both full and exhausted, just the way a holiday visit is supposed to end.

And dogs. There are always dogs now. If dog = aggravation, you would think that dog + dog would equal aggravation + aggravation, but you'd be wrong; Dog + dog = aggravation x aggravation, or aggravation squared. Good thing I love 'em.

More tomorrow. I'm beat.


  1. Anonymous11:05 PM

    I've read the past few entries in your blog and you say you're on crutches...hope you're not having trouble with your stump (I'm a bka too). Hope you're ok...

  2. @unknown:no real problems. Just had a cyst removed that was beneath the prosthetic. Can't use it again until the site heals. Annoying but minor in the grand scheme. Glad to have you reading!

  3. "aggravation squared" ... gigglesnort

    Sounds like a fun time, even with the dogs.

  4. Saw this and you and your critters came to mind . . . enjoy! :)

  5. Heh... Yep... At least 'I' can give the dog back!

  6. Glad you and PH and the dogs squared made it back. Did you run into some paperwork in the mail?