Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dog Day Morning...and teh stupid people.

So this morning, I tried a new experiment at leg fitting, then took the dogs to the vet, as Belle had a follow-up for her heartworm so why not take Murphy in too and get some of his routine stuff out of the way? And Murphy was so much better behaved, both on the ride and at the vet, with Belle there beside him. Man, this "get your dog a pet" thing really works.

Then it was off to the grocery store while they were in the shop. About half way through my shopping, I realized that my bright idea for leg fitting really wasn't so bright. But by then I was committed, so it sucked to be me for a while. But sore as I wound up getting, at least I'm doing better than the cashier's assistant at the store, who, while putting my multiple packages of fresh fish in the bag, (they had a sale on catfish. Yum!) actually asked me if I liked fish.

I thought about that question for a few seconds. I mean, better than half of my purchases was fish. how do you answer that? I finally told her: "No, I'm just setting up an aquarium." And her face never changed as she nodded and said "that's nice".

Here's your sign, lady.

Then I called the vet to see if the dogs were ready. The receptionist said that I could pick them up any time. I told her that I'd be there in about ten minutes. She replied: "OK, I'll let them know."

Let who know? The dogs? Like they even know how long ten minutes is? They may be watch dogs, but that doesn't mean that they can tell time.

I brought her a sign, too.

Now I'm home with the dogs, the groceries are put away, and I just took the leg off and saw the damage I did to the underlying skin this morning. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go make myself a sign.


  1. Signage day all the way around eh? Sorry that didn't go well for ya.

    1. Yeah, you think I'd know better by now. But this whole "make leg fit" thing isn't an exact science and sometimes I screw it up. Today I screwed it up. It happens. We'll try something a little different tomorrow.

  2. Dang it ML! Sorry the signs were out today.

  3. Sorry about the leg - I've got some good kitchen knives if you'd like to pare things down though.

    But the fish thing almost made me spew my coffee...

  4. Sorry to hear about the leg. Sounds like me and my "Maybe if I wrap the brace this way, it'll compensate better..." experiments. On the other hand, I wouldn't say it qualifies for a sign. After all, if we never tried to improve our lots, we'd never find better ways. :-)