Thursday, January 16, 2014

Football player's wife leaves rifle in rental car, Obama voter finds it.

So by now you've likely heard that Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, left an AR-15 rifle in the back of a rental car that she returned to a Ft. Lauderdale car rental agency. The rifle, legally owned and properly cased, was returned to the Tannehills and you'd think that it wouldn't rate so much as a shrug since no crime was committed and nothing bad happened, but pathetically, the woman who found it decided to go on a media tear about it and started calling up media outlets and giving out pictures of the personal property of other people that she found in the car that she rented.
“We got out of the car, we were kind of freaked out,” Judith Fleissig recalls of the moment this month when she and her daughter found the weapon. “I didn’t want to touch it.”...

Fleissig said she was in South Florida with her daughter, who was interviewing for a pediatric residency program at the University of Miami, and they decided to make it into a vacation, visiting a friend in Hillsboro Beach.

The seats were folded down when she picked up the SUV, and she never looked in the back because the airline had lost her luggage, she said.

That was late on a Saturday. The next day, she said they didn’t use the car. It wasn’t until two days later when her daughter raised the seats so they could go for a drive with friends when she discovered the bag, Fleissig said.

Thinking they would just call the owner, they searched for an ID, but there was none, she said. Her daughter unzipped the bag and said, “‘Oh my God, it’s a gun.’ I said, ‘I think I’m going to throw up,’” Fleissig said.

Fleissig said she and her daughter jumped out of the car to get away from the gun. “I took a picture, zipped it back up and went to the police station. They came out and took it.”

I can't help but notice how Judith Fleissig was so traumatized by merely seeing the rifle in a case that she "freaked out" and "almost threw up", but apparently it wasn't scary enough to prevent the drama queen from deciding to open the case and take pictures of it and then start shopping the story to the news media so she could talk about it. And it's because of her overly-dramatic narcissism and her learned helplessness that I tag her as an Obot. Any normal person would have just turned it in to the police department, (maybe after taking it to the range for a hour or so) and called it a day. And normal people don't start calling up news stations after something so relatively minor to try to grab fifteen minutes of fame, because normal people don't try to make everything all about them. I guess the Tannehills are lucky that she only found their rifle and not a suitcase full of their underwear or other personal items. Who only knows where those pictures might have turned up.

Judith Fleissig. 58 years old and still acting like an extra from the show Jersey Shore. That's exactly the sort of people who ruined our country these past few elections and I'll bet five dollars that her regular car has at least one Obama sticker on it.


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Judith Flessig is a media whore

  2. And you know darn well, had she found that big bad case filled with cash, it would have been quietly taken shopping and no media coverage whatsoever and the cops would never have been called.
    What a total loser. Who calls the media anyway...wouldn't you call the rental company?