Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kitchen Raider--Caught in the act!

Lunch was nice today. Some pork chops that I almost cooked well and some small baked potatoes that were perfect. After lunch, two German Shepherds got a few scraps of pork off the bones, and the bones were put in some foil for later disposal.

Fast-forward a few minutes. I'm on the phone, trying to sort out an on-going insurance issue that's jammed up my wage reimbursement and kept my from receiving so much as a dollar since going off for surgery in mid-December, and suddenly I hear something rustling in the kitchen. I hear foil rusting! I ask the insurance person to hang on a second and I rush into the kitchen to scold a bad dog and swat a counter-surfer smartly on the behind.

Bad Murphy, up to his old tricks again? Nope BAD BELLE! Busted stone cold going after the bones on the counter.

Belle at least dropped the bone as soon as I said something and slunk out with a forlorn, guilty look, whereas Murphy would have bolted with the bone and a flash of defiance. But Murphy would have at least waited until I was out of earshot before pulling a heist like that, which is why I never catch him in the act.

Belle's apparently learning from him, but fortunately she hasn't learned enough to be really good at it yet. Let's hope that the scolding stuck, at least with this one.
"I'm such a bad dog. Such a bad, bad, bad dog."

"Sigh. It's amateurs like her that mess things up for everyone else."


  1. Nope, I'm an expert at reading Dog expressions. She's really saying "Dang, I was THIS close!"

  2. Don't let that guilty look fool you, they're just sad to be BUSTED!

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Miss Belle needs more lessons from Murphy

  4. Yep, NOT what you wanted to find out... sigh