Saturday, February 15, 2014


And you will too when you hit the link below.

Poor dog. Poor freaking dog.


  1. I'm sorry, but that IS funny... And poor puppy...

  2. eh, poodle mixes should see a groomer every month or so, anyway. i've seen worse. at least they weren't so lax to let the mats get bad enough that there were bald patches! a friend of mine is a groomer and sees some awful things when poodle mixes ("doodles") come in. their owners never groom them enough and usually wait until they get mats, and she's had to shave quite a few completely bald to the skin.

  3. I thought it was about one of YOUR dogs!

    I actually like the new do better than the fuzzy poodle look. But then, I don't like poodles.

  4. Old NFO - yep, that it is, and sad at the same time.

    Laura - Yes, I think we need to get him to a groomer on a more regular basis. The pup mats almost as fast as he goes outside and comes back in in this weather. This is what happens when its your first time with a dog that doesn't shed, compared to previously having a dog that just shed like crazy nd only needed brushing on occasion....

    1. ahhh, not used to a dog with hair rather than fur! i'm told you should have him in monthly, give or take, for his regular grooming. ask your groomer what they recommend. definitely don't let it go until he mats up. ends up being a sucky experience for all concerned, even if he does look goofy-cute after the shavedown. :) like i said, i've seen worse. if he's still able to be handled you're ahead of the game.

      g'luck with him.

    2. Laura:

      Thanks and we're going to put him on a monthyl schedule. Apparently Airedales are famous for mats so he gets this fro his father.

      Even that shaved down, he's still very mellow and good-natured, so handling is no problem. On the upside, treating his eye is even easier now and no hair is in the least that's one bright spot.

  5. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Poor Puppy