Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Range Report

So after a doctor's appointment this morning, I made my way out to the range, where I met a big mustache with a guy behind it. Yep, it was JayG, recently escaped from Massachusetts and here to shoot guns despite a foot of slush on the ground.

Gotta love that kind of determination.

I won't show his spiffy shootin' iron and ruin the surprise, but let me say right now that I was impressed by what it could do and what he was doing with it. I want one. But you'll have to wait for his report sometime in the future for anything more.

As for me, I just went retro today.
Nothing special today--just an older Springfield Armory M-1A (top), AR-15A1 (center) and S&W Model 58 .41 Magnum revolver (bottom left) and Uzi (bottom right). No snazzy optics, nothing cutting-edge...just basic shooting stock.

We shot for a few hours, discussed other bloggers--particularly the ladies--then went out for a late lunch. It was a good time, but it ended too quickly courtesy of a rain shower and a suddenly-thawed mud road to the 400-yard targets that made them pretty much unavailable. But that just means that we've got to do it again soon.

Good times at the range just requires good shooting and good company. Good weather's not really a requirement if you've got those things. So hurry back, Jay!


  1. Good times!

    And..... nice classics there. My envy is extended.

  2. Most excellent! JayG is a great guy.

  3. Thanks for coming out to meet with me! Wish we'd had a chance to wring that fancy rifle out at 400 yards, but there's always next time! Got you up on the "Bloggers I've Met" now, too!

  4. It's not like we haven't shot in the snow before... :-) And what's a little mud??? Sorry I couldn't make it!

  5. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I am green with envy after seeing your shooting irons