Monday, March 03, 2014

18-year old sues parents for continued support and college tuition.

Yeah, our society finally went there.

High school senior sues parents for college tuition

In sum, Precious Princess Rachel Canning apparently moved out of her parents' house because she didn't like their rules or their objection to her boyfriend. She then moved in with that boyfriend and his parents, and now the boyfriend's parents are financing her lawsuit against her parents, demanding that they pay for her continued room and board and send her to college...and also that they pay them back for over 12K in legal bills that they paid on Canning's behalf.

I gotta say it--she deserves the kick to the curb, if that's what even happened. (The parents claim that she left voluntarily, she claims that they kicked her out.) They already spent the money to send her to a posh private high school and bought her a car, and in return, she calls protective services on them and sues them because they don't give her more.

But Rachel is 18 now and legally an adult. Let her spend a few years waiting tables and flipping burgers and then we'll see if she doesn't earn to appreciate her parents a bit more, even if they did apparently over-indulge her as a child. Ingratitude and a sense of entitlement like she has...that's learned over time.
And if someone else decided to meddle in my family matters like John Inglesino, her boyfriend's father has, I would be whipping his ass in broad daylight and I'd call the police on myself in advance. Some things are worth a misdemeanor assault charge.


  1. An appropriate picture for the post. She is a self-entitled little shit.

  2. Whether she left voluntary or they threw her out, it was perfectly in their rights to do so. Sure it may not have been the nicest parental thing to do, but if this lawsuit is any indication of what a brat she really is, I wouldn't want her living under my roof either. If they did, they knew she had a safe place to go which is probably something she threatened them with for years and they got sick of it and called her bluff.

    Good riddance. She's an adult in the eyes of the law so she should start acting like one. Good grief I weep for future generations. I can't even imagine how pathetic society will turn when we have more of this attitude in the population majority and less of ours which doesn't Expect EVERYthing.

  3. She's 18. Her parents owe her nothing even if she was perfection itself. I doubt she is, considering what's going on. And I do hope the boyfriend's parents get left holding the expensive bag just because they are being stupid.

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    1. I've always liked the way that you think.

  5. We sent our kids to a parochial school for junior and high school. Yes we paid for their collage.

    BUT, we did it out of love, not cause we 'owed' them anything.

    They are now both married and are doing wonderful. THANK GOD.

    But to say they are owed.... my parents didn't owe me anything and my mother told me if I got myself in jail (never didi BTW) then I could get myself out. Sure they would come and see me but if I landed in the klink it was my fault.

    Well I've never seen then inside of a jail, even as a tourist.

    Sad this girl thinks her parents owe her this education. She is in for a rocky and unpleasant life.

  6. Thing is, she'll never live this one down. The Internet is forever. She might as well move to Mongolia, change her name, and live out the rest of yer days in a yurt, herding sheep and goats.

  7. My first thought on reading this was YGBSM! Ol Murphs puttin on the fiction again!
    On further reflection, I think I'm in agreement with Well Seasoned Fool. She probably will win, And then run for office on a ticket with Sandra Fluke, Pres and Vice Pres.
    Gotta stop now, making myself sick.

  8. YGTBSM... Totally over the top, and yes a COUPLE of asswhippings are in order...

  9. Anonymous10:17 PM

    A DemocRat voter no doubt.
    I also read a judge ruled against her.