Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thug dies when "scare attack" victim shoots back.

Ah, N'awlins...

Benjamin Valteau, 25, was killed on Friday night on South Claiborne Avenue by a shooter who, police said, could have been acting in self-defense. Valteau pulled a weapon and, in return, was shot.

Maybe that was the case. But Valteau's father, Benjamin Bass, said he believed his son had intended only to scare a man whom, at other times, he had considered his friend.

"My son was just ... doing a scare attack," said Bass. "I know he wasn't pulling up to kill that guy."

Victim of Friday night shooting on South Claiborne a relative of former sheriff, a family man

So to recap, this "family man" who "wasn't a bad guy", pulled up on this other guy and jumped out of his car with a shotgun. Said other guy (who, to be fair, was probably something of a thug too since he was reportedly a "friend" of the deceased) pulled out a gun of his own and capped shotgun guy. Now shotgun guy's dad, just three weeks out of prison his own self, says that his son was just motivated by "something in the moment", whatever that means.
"My son doesn't portray an image, like he wants to be a gangster," said Bass. "He doesn't carry himself that way ... I think it was something in the moment that made him come out there that way he did."
The guy who shot shotgun guy has been released by the police thus far as they consider it a self-defense shooting, but the investigation continues.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to carry my concealed firearm whenever business or pleasure takes me to the Crescent City...just in case some other cretin decides that I look like I might be worth "scaring".


  1. Well, sorry, but that "something of the moment" made him do a stupid thing. Lesson to learn - never wave a gun at somebody unless you mean to use it. That way if you get shot it's for a good reason...

  2. Well... as Henry Fonda said in "Once Upon a Time in the West", when asked why he killed them all when all the robber Barron wanted was to 'scare' them, he (as Frank) said, "People scare better when they're dying."

    So the thug maybe was trying to 'scare' him, but well we see who scared better, right?

  3. Anonymous1:28 AM

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  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Comment correction.
    Play a fool pull your gun and not use it.You die.