Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I give up.

Tonight, a friend from church came over to help me with some yard work, and one of out projects was reinforcing the base of the dog pen fence to stop Belle from exiting at her leisure. We identified her latest bolt-holes and we blocked a lengthy section of the fence with logs, rocks and scrap lumber. It wasn't easy work but we did a thorough job and we tested it by putting the dogs out in it. Belle went from one spot to the other and was frustrated every time so we pronounced it a success and went inside to drink beer and talk reloading in my shop.

About fifteen minutes later, my phone rang. It was my neighbor across the street. He called to tell me that Belle was out on the driveway just sitting at my door.


Sure enough, I opened the door and she walked in nice as you please.

"If yur gonna be in, I wanna be in, too!"


  1. as mean as this sounds a low running electric fence would probably cure her.

  2. electric fence wire around the bottom...its what I had to do.

  3. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Just call her Harriet Houdini

  4. You've got to go electric. She's stubborn and smart and she's not going to be deterred until you do.

  5. Security camera and electric... sigh

  6. As soon as you get this figured out, perhaps you can sell the solution to the .gov to use on our southern border.

    Oh that's right, the .gov doesn't *want* to keep them out - I forgot. Silly me.

  7. Yep, what they said about electric fencing.

    It's too bad, too ... girls just wanna have fun!

  8. Belle lives with me but her name is LexieLu. After 3 years I have only been able to keep her from digging out and go visiting with 2 collars and a very long rope. Living in town it's starting to get expensive to pick her up from the pound.

    1. At least Belle doesn't go anywhere. She just hangs around the yard until she can get back in. Murphy would have been on the county connector bus within ten minutes of escaping, but he doesn't follow her out.