Thursday, May 01, 2014

Back to normal, I guess.

Belle's back to her old tricks.

Yesterday she learned to move the baby gate that has kept two other German Shepherds on my front deck over the last ten years. Off she went to the neighbor's house, and when they called me to tell me and I went out on the deck to see, there she was, just coming back in the same hole that she'd opened. So now she sneaks out AND back in.
Had I not seen it--and had she not been soaking wet from running through the bushes in the rain while Murphy, who'd stayed on the deck like a good dog, was still bone dry, I'd never have known. And I can't believe that I just used Murphy's name and the words "good dog" in the same sentence.

And this morning, she got out of the pen again, and the crazy cat neighbor came over to let me know that Belle was in her yard chasing the cats around.

What am I going to do with this dog? No dog has ever breached the sacred baby gate before. It's time for me to really get serious with this girl before she gets lost or hurt. This is way past funny.
"U mad?"

At least Murphy isn't following her out. He was on the deck too and apparently just watched her go. Good dog. Except for the whole "not keeping your woman under control and/or not snitching" thing.

EDITED to add: I blocked the baby gate with patio chairs to keep her from moving it and now I just caught Belle on top of the chairs in the act of using them to climb over the gate. She's nothing if not intuitive and persistent.


  1. Hey Murphy,

    You may have to upgrade your security a bit...on the other hand, perhaps she will make things enertaining with the feral cat population......(Glass half full kinda thing). Also keep the stories coming about the dogs, my son loves to read about the latest Murphy/Belle adventures

  2. Ouch... At least she's not killing the cats (yet)...

  3. Sounds like my Tigger dog. Wait until she starts jumping out of second story windows to go swimming.

  4. Electrify the babygate.

    Simple, no?

  5. Glad things are back to normal - let "our" entertainment begin! :) Do you have room for a 2-layer gate, say spaced 2 foot apart. That might throw her off enough that she can't navigate both?

    1. There are stairs on the other side of the gate. It's apparently no deterrent. She's a tunneler and a climber and curious to explore the world. That's admirable but not a good combination for me.

  6. 2nd vote for electrifying the baby gate..... Good luck!

  7. Wow. Good luck with that!

  8. some dogs just can't be trusted outside by themselves.

    someone a block away from us has two scenthounds. one of them has NEVER hopped the fence to go sniffin'. the younger one - still a pup at a year and a half old - hops the fence all the time. they invested in an e-collar and training for him. seems to work. the only downside is you've gotta be out there with her to buzz her if she tries to run off, but maybe it's worth it in the long run?

    is just a suggestion, mind. seems to work for the gundogs around me. :)

  9. We use hinged baby gates at key locations to contain the wolfhounds. They are much harder to dislocate. That might help. It would also allow for electricifation if needed, since one end remains attached. Much of it is mental, one of our hounds could easily hop over the gate if she ever figured it out.