Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mustang Love

Offered up with Keads in mind.

I was going to fly this morning but the bad weather got to the airport first, so I stopped off to look at a local car show instead.

And they had Mustangs. Lots of beautiful Ford Mustangs built back when men were men and cars were cars.

Here's a nice 1966 Coupe with the old 200ci straight six.
And here's a 1965 coupe, also with the straight six, just like I used to own, albeit in better shape.
And a '65 that's seen a bit of custom work, including the addition of a BOSS 302 under the hood.
This 1968 Fastback caught my eye, big-time.
But this cherry 1966 convertibe with the 289 Hi-Po V8 really did it for me.
It's even got air conditioning--an expensive option in 1966.
Alas, in 1970, the Mustang started getting fat. But this one still looks pretty sharp.
There were other non-Mustangs there too, but I'll post some of them later. Right now I'm still savoring the memory of these.


  1. Very nice ones all! Thanks for the pics!!!

  2. I think that last one is a '71 =) Thanks Murph! Nice looking rides all around.

  3. Nice. I had a '65 with the six-banger. Good little car.

  4. I always wanted a '67 or '68 fastback with a small block and a 4 speed.

  5. Anonymous12:10 AM

    I used to have a 66

  6. The new ones never did anything for me, but those old 60's 'stangs I really like.