Monday, June 30, 2014

For Tuna

When I headed out to San Diego a couple of weeks ago, I was unable to link up with blogger Tuna, Old AF Sarge's minion over at Chant du Depart, because he had other commitments. He did, however, mention to me that if I got to the USS Midway museum, I should check our their Lockheed S-3 Viking on display as it was one that he personally flew during the Iraq war. Well heck, if I can't visit a storied pilot hero, visiting one of his planes is a decent second. So I dropped in on Viking #159766, an S-3B once flown by VS-41, the "Shamrocks", as NJ-741. Before that, she flew the skies over the Persian Gulf as an asset of VS-29, but that paint job's long gone now, sadly.
Here it is, folks, the mighty "War Hoover" in all it's awesomeness.
I asked him for some flying stories involving this particular aircraft, and he made mention of this post that he put up on Chant du Depart earlier.

Viking History redux

And here's old 199766 back in her glory days with VS-41.

In his e-mail to me, Tuna says of the S-3:
In general, it was a very fun aircraft to fly because of it's aerobatic capability, flying with all your friends, lots of room for gear on cross-country flights, lots of gas, great cockpit visibility, a variety of missions, and it was easy to fly. This particular bird was exciting because of the new mission, the ability to count Iranian boats pierside from the middle of the gulf, the advanced electronic mission that can't be discussed outside a SCIF, and getting to take part in the war outside of just tanking returning strikers.

Well that's damned cool, because I never would have pictured the S-3 as beoing aerobatic, but hey--it's not like I've flown one; I just saw this one and a bunch more all shrink-wrapped at the boneyard.

And hey, Old AF Sarge...Tuna's responses here count as participation enough to give me cause to list him as a co-blogger. Don't know what you're doing over there to drive the help away, but I can always use more help here.


  1. Heh. Go for it Murph. Just be forewarned, Tuna requires a steady diet of snark and raw meat.

    A real Viking that one!

  2. Murph, does it have boarding steps? Or was this during the portion of the tour where you had close escort?

  3. An S-3 driver I met at work said he had plenty of pictures looking up the tail feathers of a Tom Turkey. However, when the 18 arrived, the S-3 was the one in the furball's up-skirt shots.

  4. S-3s did and do have some 'interesting' capabilities... :-)

  5. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Great Pictures